Padlet new features

Padlet have introduced some new features over the summer – here’s a quick look at a couple of  features that you might find useful.

Expanded posts

Padlet expanded post

Expanded post view

Individual posts now open in an expanded view that takes up the full window, giving you the ability to focus in on posts. The expanded view makes it much easier to read and comment on posts, allowing for more detailed engagement. You can move between expanded posts using the navigation buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard. And you can share a link to a single post rather than to the whole Padlet board.

Create draft posts

Draft Padlet posts

Draft posts

You can now compose a post, or multiple posts, and work on them in draft mode until you are ready to publish. This gives users the opportunity to reflect more fully on their posts before publishing, and to work on and switch between several posts.


Further help and guidance

Further information on all these features can be found on the Padlet website:

and you can find online guidance in the Brightspace Staff Resources area:

or contact your Faculty Learning Technologist for further support.

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