New curricular units on Brightspace for 2022/23

The new curricular units for 22/23 will be available on Brightspace to staff from Tuesday 19th July. This will be accompanied by guidance and support on unit preparation for the next academic year. If you need to start preparing your unit materials in Brightspace prior to 19th July then we recommend that this is done in your sandbox unit and copied over when the units are available. If you don’t have a sandbox unit or require a second unit then contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

Student access

Students will have access to units for Semester 1/2/3 one week prior to the start of Semester 1, for the majority of programmes this will be 12th September.

Support and guidance

Look out for upcoming workshops from FLIE to help you prepare for the new academic year. You can also find guidance on using Brightspace in the Brightspace Staff Resources area or get in touch with a member of the FLIE team.

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