FL Colloquium – Thursday 30th June

All staff are invited to take part or present at the Fusion Learning Colloquium, FLIE’s annual Fusion Learning event taking place on Thursday 30th June which includes speakers, poster presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and more. The event offers engagement in current and emerging student learning and opportunities for education innovation and excellence at BU and will take place in the Fusion building and online via Zoom.  Staff are invited to showcase their Fusion Learning practices in the form of posters that will be included in the Fusion Learning Colloquium proceedings (with ISBN).

The last date to submit your posters is Monday 13th June.

Submit a Poster

We look forward to receiving your submissions to: FLIE@bournemouth.ac.uk

Submit an Abstract

Thank you to those who have submitted abstracts. We will be in touch with you shortly.

The FLIE Team.

2 Responses to “FL Colloquium – Thursday 30th June”

    • twebb's avatar twebb

      Hi Steevie, we’re just finalising the agenda and you’ll be able to sign up via Eventbrite shortly

      best wishes, Tracey


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