SciTech Undergraduate Awarded Associate HEA Fellow

I’m delighted to confirm that the following student from SciTech has recently achieved Associate HEA Fellowship from Advance HE after applying through our accredited TeachBU programme:

Associate Fellow: Jasmine McCain

This is the first time that a BU undergraduate has gained fellowship in any category, and her application was based upon her work supporting teaching and learning as a PAL Leader, supplemented by her activities as a student Rep on the Psychology/Cyber Psychology degree programmes.

Based upon this success, and with appropriate guidance in place, we hope to be able offer this as a potential opportunity to other PAL leaders in the future. Advance HE confirmed to us that PAL leaders are eligible to apply as they are on a BU contract of employment at the time of undertaking this work. Other than from PGRs who undertake teaching, we have no plans to accept applications for fellowship from any other categories of BU student.

Congratulations to Jasmine!!!

Dr Martyn Polkinghorne
Chair of the TeachBU Assessment Panel for HEA Applications

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