What do we have in common? Education research and discipline-based signature pedagogies research.

Long ago and far away (well 1989*) the notion of academic tribes entered the discourse around what universities are for, what academics do and what counts as teaching and learning in Higher Education. There is evidence that some territories (aka disciplines and fields) have a less active pedagogical research tradition and less emphasis on publishing valuable case exemplars. It is therefore not surprising that some disciplines are under-represented in the teaching and learning literature.

It is surprising that in terms of high-impact pedagogies, there are disciplinary differences but also obvious similarities. In our busy schedules the race to get ahead depends on learning from colleagues. There are opportunities here for enhancing education practice and more. Join your colleagues in this workshop in which a presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

*The original source of the idea was Tony Becher’s book¬†Academic Tribes and Territories: Intellectual enquiry and the culture of disciplines, first published in 1989.

Education research and discipline-based signature pedagogies research

16th Feb 12:00-13:00 LINK HERE meeting ID 867 4694 4961 Passcode  tZr5$CHU

The discussant panel will include Dr Uma Patel, Anne Quinney and Dr Mark Readman



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