Brightspace UKI LT Connect meeting

This month saw the inaugural meeting of the Brightspace UKI LT Connect group. Thanks to D2L (suppliers of Brightspace) for organising this group which brings together Learning Technology teams from UK HE Institutions using Brightspace.

In our first meeting we enjoyed presentations from some of the attendees around different aspects of their VLE activities and how these are managed. We shared the work we’ve done at BU on creating our Digital Pedagogies Framework to support the design and delivery of digital pedagogies and to promote a consistent student experience, and our use of Insights reporting to monitor and evaluate impact. It was really interesting to have an insight into how other institutions approach their online support offering and manage their data. There were a lot of parallels with current project priorities and several areas where we can look to learn from each other’s practice. Brightspace logo

Outside of the scheduled meetings, the group has a central space in which to collaborate; share ideas and knowledge, ask questions and generate ideas. I think we can look forward to some valuable discussions around Brightspace and its tools, and learning from each other’s experiences.

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