Welcome to FLIEflix

What is FLIEflix?

Most of us are now quite familiar with accessing boxsets on Netflix and other similar platforms. Taking this concept, we have created boxsets of some of the most popular support being offered by the Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence (FLIE). These boxsets each have a theme, and the episodes within the boxset are set out in a logical order. Just click on the ‘Content’ tab to see the boxsets currently available for you to access.

FLIEflix menu

FLIEflix menu

Please remember that we will be adding more boxsets over time, and that boxsets not relevant to you today, may become relevant to you tomorrow, making this a resource that you can return to time and time again.

How do I access it?

You can find FLIEflix by searching via the waffle on Brightspace, going via the Guidance and Training tab or following the link below.


We hope that you will find FLIEflix to be helpful to you in your work at BU.

Dr Geli Roushan
Head of the Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence (FLIE)

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