Formative assessment – what might it look like?

A good place to start is always the relevant BU policy document, and in this case that is the Principles of Assessment Design Policy 6c.
Here are some key paragraphs that set out what is expected.
  • Paragraph 4.3. BU supports the principle of assessment for learning rather than assessment of learning. This is underpinned by a requirement for formative assessment tasks in which students develop assessment literacy and become active learners by taking responsibility for self-evaluation and development of their learning through acting on feedback and feedforward.
  • Paragraph 5.5.3. In addition to summative assessment, formative assessment must be included in each unit to promote effective learning, but this does not contribute to the final unit mark and whilst feedback/feedforward is required it is not required to be independently marked or moderated. The feedback/feedforward provided may be self -assessed, peer assessed or tutor-assessed.

There is no policy requirement to set particular types of formative activities, though Programme Teams may decide to take a planned and pre-agreed approach.  There are suggestions for formative activities in the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit,  in the section called Formative Assessment and Feedback.

There is also a section on Assessment Literacy
If you have any approaches that you have tried successfully and would like to share with other colleagues trough the Toolkit please get in touch.
Anne Quinney
Principal Lecturer FLIE.
Senior Fellow of the HEA

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