New curricular units and Brightspace updates

The new curricular units for 2021/22 are available on Brightspace to staff from 12th July.

Guidance for preparing units is available from the Brightspace Staff Resources pages and FLIE will be providing further online sessions in July, August and September to support Faculties.

Key dates

  • 12 July – New curricular units for 2021/22 available on Brightspace.
  • 17 August – New students are invited to complete OLR and will access Brightspace Arrivals Preparation sites.
  • 13 September* – Students will have access to units for Semester 1/2/3 one week prior to the start of Semester 1.
  • 20 September – Induction / Welcome week – Start of semester 1.
  • 28 September* – Curricular teaching begins for Semester 1.

* The majority of programmes use these dates although a small amount will start earlier.

Brightspace updates

Two system updates are also being released on 12th July, these are a new text editor and new HTML templates.

New text editor

There have been a range of different text editors available on Brightspace for various tools and this update standardises the text editor across the system. Those using the Lessons layouts will already be familiar with this editor but for more information view the new text editor overview page.

New HTML Templates

The set of HTML page templates that can be used to create learning materials in Brightspace have been updated for this year to provide a fresher look with improvements in accessibility and mobile access. The new templates are available when creating new content in your units and any pages that are copied over from last year will keep the look of the old templates. To see the new templates and get further information on using them, take a look at the Using HTML templates guide.

Further support and guidance

Online resources

Online guidance for Brightspace and other TEL Tools is available from the Brightspace Staff Resources area.

Guidance on approaches for assessment is available in the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit.


Contact your Faculty Learning Technologist for additional support:

For any urgent or technical issues, contact the IT Service Desk on 01202 9 (65515) or raise a ticket online.

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