BU Certificate in Programme Leadership

I am delighted to inform you that the BU Certificate in Programme Leadership for 2020-21 launches next month.  This is a 20 credit Level 7 unit for those who are new, existing or aspiring Programme Leaders.  The aim of the unit is to offer experienced academics an opportunity to reflect on their skills as Programme Leaders, and to develop these further as role models and motivators for others to follow, creating a culture of creativity and continuous improvement.

Sessions take place on Friday afternoons and there will be one session per month. Initially the sessions will be delivered using Zoom. The key dates are as follows:

  • Launch: Friday 2nd October 1.30-3
  • Session 1: Friday 23rd October 1.30-4.30
  • Session 2: Friday 20th November 1.30-4.30
  • Session 3: Friday 11th December 1.30-4.30
  • Session 4: Friday 15th January 1.30-4.30
  • Session 5: Friday 12th February 1.30-4.30
  • Session 6: Friday 12th March 1.30-4.30

We understand the pressures that Programme Leaders are under at the moment, and so participation in the programme is completely voluntary.

This is an academic award, and staff who successfully complete the course will receive a BU Certificate in Programme Leadership which can be helpful for your promotion and pay progression. Successful completion of the programme requires the submission of an appropriate assignment consisting of two case studies. These case studies can also be used as part of your application for Senior Fellowship of the HEA. Furthermore, you will receive support and mentoring in working towards your Senior Fellowship goal.

For any queries and expressions of interest please contact: Dr Parisa Gilani, Senior Academic in the Bournemouth University Business School – pgilani@bournemouth.ac.uk

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