TeachBU Update – Faculty and Professional Service Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

I’m delighted to confirm that the following colleagues in the Faculties and Professional Services have recently achieved HEA Fellowship via the TeachBU CPD route:

Associate Fellow:
Giulia Levi
Lara Christ

Alexandra Alberda
Dayle Childs
Gillian Glasgow
James Palfreman-Kay
Jason Hallett
Luke Nwibo Eda
Maddy Greville-Harris
Miriam Bray
Peter Bloomer
Reena Vijayakumaran
Rosslyn Dray
Sarah Buchan
Spencer Barnett
Tongai Chichaya
Vianna Renaud

Senior Fellow:
Adil Saeed
Caroline Ellis-Hill
Daisy Fan
Danni Laing
Emili Balaguer-Ballester
Gary Evans
Hiroko Oe
Iain Darby
Jane Healy
Julie Barber
Juliet Memery
Marc Mimler
Megan Henesy
Natalie Mestry
Peter Phillips
Sally Lee
Samreen Ashraf
Sarah Emberley
Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers
Sue Sudbury
Vedad Hulusic
Wendy Bevan-Mogg


Congratulations to everyone!!!

Dr Martyn Polkinghorne

TeachBU Academic Lead & Education Excellence Theme Leader

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