Applying for HEA Fellowship

If you are interested in applying for HEA Fellowship via our TeachBU scheme, then please click here to use the four step online tutorial which I have recorded to help you. I recommend that you use all of the four steps which cover the following topics:

STEP 1 – Introduction to TeachBU

STEP 2 – Application Forms and Process

STEP 3 – Mapping

STEP 4 – Case Studies

For colleagues interested in applying for Senior Fellow, I have recorded additional help, however this extra material should be used in conjunction with the four-step tutorial.

This academic year we have one remaining date at which you can submit your application which is the 30th June 2020.

We are currently at the end of our four-year accreditation cycle with Advance HE which enables us to offer HEA Fellowship via the TeachBU scheme. We hope to be able to offer HEA Fellowship in the next academic year, but this is subject to successful reaccreditation. Application forms will change at this point, and so anyone working on their application now is strongly encouraged to take this opportunity to apply for the one guaranteed submission date based upon the existing process and forms.

Dr Martyn Polkinghorne

Chair of the TeachBU Assessment Panel for HEA Applications

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