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Dr Camila Devis- Rozental  –joined the ‘Debbie and John’ Tech Thursday to share her work on ME@BU. Camila has been using the space (which appears on all the staff and student Brightspace landing pages) to create resources for students to help them with their transitioning into Higher Education. Based on a research piece of work ‘Mind the gap’, the body of work has been growing to include transitions as students settle into their study life. In the first seven weeks of the launch, there were 32,000 student hits on the site.

Me@BU menu

Me@BU menu

Most recently, a whole new layer about ‘Online learning’ has been developed, with sections on technology, wellbeing, library resources, online collaborations, accessibility and online learning.

Find a link to the recording here:

Minutes 1-3 Camila tells is about her humanising work, based on Todres et al.

Minutes 3-7 talks about the Mind the Gap research project and how this framed the ME@BU work

Minutes 7-26 cover the new online learning resources for student support.


Camila has some take away tips for staff:

  1. Role model Kindness when replying to emails
  2. Reassure students that it is OK to take longer than normal – we have a supportive system in place
  3. Don’t work all the time – take time away from the screen to step away and reflect, then return
  4. Watch something funny every day – laughter is a fabulous tonic


Debbie Holley

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