Precision OS replaces cadavers for surgical spine training at the Global Spine Congress

An immersive medical education software company is applying its medical-grade virtual reality platform to train surgeons. Precision OS Technology will partner with the Global Spine Congress in Rio De Janeiro May 20-23 to co-host the first-ever cadaver-less training and education course for spine surgery.

The focus of Precision OS is training and education geared for all levels of surgeons and healthcare providers. In a phone interview, Dr. Danny Goel, an orthopedic surgeon who serves as the company CEO and co-founder, explained their approach to personalized learning with performance metrics.

“Our fundamental approach has been to enhance, challenge and personalize surgical education and training towards proficiency. Given the impact well trained physicians can have on outcomes, the implications of our platform to deliver on that ability forms the core of our company” said Dr Danny Goel.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company’s platform embraces an approach to training referred to as “deliberate practice”. Goel explained how learning through a near real life scenario, measuring independent decision making, failure and outcome realization maximizes the output for the learner.  Allowing one to pause, reflect, and evaluate their errors in a safe environment with no patient harm promotes learning while reducing stress. The operating room is a stressful and high-risk environment where both cognitive and psychomotor skills are disadvantaged.  Current models can be enhanced with virtual reality but there is a significant difference between these models of learning.



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