Virtual reality workplace videos let students experience potential careers onsite

High school students preparing to take the next step into the real world got some help finding their desired career pathway Wednesday with a new tool that’ll bring the real world to them through their smartphones.

Workforce WindsorEssex debuted four new virtual reality tours that take viewers into the workplace providing an excellent sense of the job and its environment. The 360-degree tours allow viewers to look around at the entire scene while the tour guide continues to provide information and demonstrations as though the student is right on site.

“Based on our experiences with Manufacturing Day tours, it can be challenging to bring large groups through on tour,” said Sarah Fram, Workforce WindsorEssex’s communications coordinator.

“The videos bring the tours to the students instead of the students going on tours. We can reach far more students or job seekers considering a career change this way.”

The 31/2-minute videos are particularly targeted at Grade 10 students, who are just beginning to position themselves for their career pathways.



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