Sharing pedagogical innovation

Images of people wearing eye tracking and Virtual Reality headsets

Trying out Eye tracking and VR headsets

BU Learning Technologists have recently been exploring some recent innovations in education technology and last Wednesday the Technology Enhanced Learning Innovation and Design (TELID) team hosted a drop-in session in the Fusion building to share some of this work. Participants enjoyed a high quality Virtual Reality experience via the Oculus Rift S which doesn’t require external tracking sensors, and an untethered VR experience with the more portable Oculus Quests. Colleagues could also try their hand at creating 3D scans of small objects with a hand-held scanner. The mobile eye tracking headset solution promoted lots of discussion around its potential role in improving pedagogic practice.

Attendees were encouraged to contribute ideas around how the tools could be utilised to support teaching and learning practice across the institution. The TELID team is looking forward to working with Faculties with these technologies and sharing their practice with a wider audience at upcoming conferences.

Image of 3D scanning equipment with scan on computer screen

Experimenting with the 3D scanner








If you would like to find out more about any of these technologies, contact your Faculty Learning Technologist:


by Tracey Webb, David Hunt, Stephen Pyne

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