Building Evidence for REF Impact Case Studies – Thursday 27th June

This session will look at the requirements for building evidence of reach and significance in a REF impact case study.

After a brief introduction we will examine what the requirements are, what works according to commentators and what works when you look at 2014 examples – with an exercise to investigate the process. Then we will look at what’s important for different types of evidence such as testimonials, web pages, public reports and media. Finally, we will spend some time looking at how you can build evidence for your own case, identifying what you need, how to get hold of it and how to use it in the case. We will close with some reflections and discussion.

The aims & objectives of this session are:

  • Through this workshop you can see how expectations regarding evidence relate to your own impact case, you will see what you need to make sure your evidence is strong and have a good understanding of what you need to do to put in place all the pieces before submission.

Who is this for?

  • Researchers who are building an impact case and are looking for guidance or reassurance about developing evidence, as well as staff supporting the development of REF impact cases.

As with all RKEDF sessions, HOD approval will be required.

This session is taking place on Thursday 27th June from 2pm – 4pm on Talbot Campus – room details to follow once booking confirmed.



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