Erasmus Exchange: Reframing sociological understanding of suicide in Italy

The Napoli Gate of the medieval town of Lecce, Italy

The Napoli Gate of the medieval town of Lecce, Italy

FMC Principal Academic, Dr. Ann Luce was invited, along with Prof. Debbie Holley, HSS, to share their respective  research during a series of seminars and workshops at the University of Salento, Italy.

As part of of the exchange is building capacity, Dr. Luce was invited to promote her new book and share  her significant body of work on suicide and its reporting in the media. Italian sociologists, Prof. Ferdinando Spina and Prof. Marta Vignola invited Dr. Luce to deliver a research symposium to Masters of Sociology students, so they could better understand the role of the media in suicide representations and framing for society at large.

While there, Dr. Luce was interviewed about her new “Responsible Suicide Reporting” model. The podcast is available in both English and Italian.

Dr. Luce was able to spend some time with the Director of the Department of History, Society and Human Studies, Professore Ordinario di Geografia Economico-Politica, Fabio Pollice, and presented him with her newly published book, “Ethical Reporting of Sensitive Topics”

Dr. Luce worked extensively with our host, Prof. Enrico Ciavolino, an expert psychometric statistician, who was able to offer advice to Dr. Luce about new methods of interrogating data from social media sites, in collaboration with Prof. Ferdinando Spina, an esteemed sociologist studying criminology and media.

For further information on suicide, ethical reporting, and media, please contact Ann at:

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