Samsung wants to bring curved OLED displays to VR

Samsung is throwing a curveball into VR headsets…. or at least, a curve. The technology manufacturer has filed a design patent for a future VR headset, one that makes use of a curved OLED display instead of a flat screen.

We’ve already seen high-quality OLED displays in VR with the Samsung HMD Odyssey or VR Hero Plus, while Google is also looking to bring the ‘organic’ display technology to bear in its VR headsets.

While the patent application isn’t a guarantee we’ll see a curved display model, companies are fiercely competing for a hold in the VR market, at a time when countless models are available but have yet to truly take off in terms of consumer interest.

Samsung has made no secret of its ambitions in VR, with a host of virtual reality or mixed reality headsets like the HMD Odyssey or Gear VR, and plans to create a series of VR-exclusive TV shows to offer through its devices.



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