CEL’s Publications in the Book Corner of Service Excellence Conference

Another year has said goodbye to us. For CEL, 2018 is a busy yet full of joy and harvest year. Our staffs have achieved a lot on research, professional practice and staff support. In the Service Excellence conference held on 19 December, part of our research outcomes have been displayed in the book corner, including authored or edited books and reports:

  • Professor Debbie Holley:  Bournemouth University: a new vision for learning case study which is a report published in JISC Developing organisational approaches to digital capability. 
  • Dr Liz Falconer, co-edited book Virtual Worlds: Concepts, Applications and Future Directions. She also wrote the first chapter with Dr Curie Scott from CEL.
  • Dr Sue Eccles, as co-author written the Chapter 9 Building Students’ Emotional Resilience Through Placement Coaching and Motoring in the book Enhancing Employability in Higher Education through Work Based Learning.
  • Dr Ann Luce edited book The Bridgend Suicides: Suicide and the Media.
  • Dr Ann Luce co-edited book Midwifery, Childbirth and the Media.
  • Dr David Biggins book Kimberley: Siege Account & Medal Roll.

A family photos of CEL books in book corner on the Service Excellence Conference.

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