Panopto Annual Conference 2018

Two members of the BU CEL team attended the Panopto EMEA Annual Conference 2018: Your Video Learning Ecosystem in London.

The event contains a mix of presentations, talks, and sessions that focused on Technology and Teaching & Learning.

In keynote presentations from the co-founder and CEO, Eric Burns, the company looked ahead to the future of video technology and how it applies to our video learning ecosystem from top to bottom.

Other UK universities were talking about potential benefits of flipped learning model in the classroom using Panopto and also students experience.

Using Panopto, students are finding it easier to catch up on class lectures anytime, from anywhere. Further, Panopto’s video search saves them time when they need to revisit a specific topic.

Looking to the future, the University of UNITEN, sees the use of video in general, and Panopto in particular, as critical to expanding blended learning and flipped classroom designs throughout the university’s curricula. “Overall, Panopto has made life easier for both staff and students. Panopto is helping instructors at UNITEN embrace more active blending learning models in order to maximize learning in their classrooms.”

Five key technology that play a vital part in universities success if they are planning their first flip or just re-evaluating an existing program:

  • Give students on-demand access to video with a central, consistent, secure video library
  • Ensure students can view the lecture videos on any device – anytime, anywhere
  • Help students easily search for and find lecture videos
  • Ensuring instructors can record anything, no matter how complex
  • Ensuring students can watch videos anytime, anywhere, on any device

We will post another blog as soon as Panopto posts the video of their conference.

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