TEL Community of Practice: December 3rd, 2-3pm, P405

Join our TEL Community of Practice! 

To kick off our first meeting on MONDAY 3rd December      2-3pm, P405, Learning Technologist, David Hunt will take us through immersive technologies: augmented reality, virtual reality and 36oº images and video.

Each of our meetings will combine practice and discussion so that you have the opportunity to experience these technologies and consider potential benefits and barriers to how they might be introduced into teaching and assessment.

You will join a group of people who share a passion for TEL and want to learn how to practice, engage and interact with it more regularly. This group is open to all, academics, professional staff and students alike!

We will hold monthly gatherings in an ‘unconference’ style–a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured programme of events.

No need to book, just show up on the day!

If you’re interested in joining our TEL Community of Practice, please e-mail me at

Dr. Ann Luce, TEL Theme Leader, CEL

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