BBC Arts Editor beams into Bournemouth University

William Gompertz is the BBC’s Arts Editor and was previously the director of Tate Media.  BU alumni Will agreed to share his expertise with 1000 students and members of the public who attended the prestigious annual BFX conference.

The BXF Conference is hosted at the Bournemouth International Centre and is a unique event created and curated by Bournemouth University. It was originally launched in 2012 as a student competition and a festival – the BFX Competition identifies and encourages the next wave of talent in VFX and Animation production and the Festival brings together leaders of the Visual Effects, Animation, Visualisation and Computer Games industries. It showcases cutting edge production techniques, creativity and research to inspire new talent and educate the next generation of practitioners.

Will was delighted to be offered the opportunity to emerge as Bournemouth University’s first ever holographic lecturer as he couldn’t be there on the day.  Filming for his keynote was completed the previous month and a series of interesting 3D visuals to be displayed as part of the performance were agreed.  On the day the hologram of Will was formulated by carefully placing projectors and mirrors to outwardly reflect a 3D holographic image of Will to the auditorium.

Will Gompertz

You can see the complete presentation here:

BFX Holographic Keynote

Video timeline:

1:47 Marina Abramovic’s performance art

5:50 Marcel Duchamp and the urinal (1917)

9:23 Pablo Picasso – Cubism (1908)

12:45 Paul Cezane – Mathematical Perspective

18:08 Bridget Riley – (1961)

22:10 Theaster Gates – Context


Follow the link to find out more about BFX:  BFX

Find out more about the Centre for Excellence in Learning at Bournemouth University here: CEL


With thanks to Pete Truckel Director of BFX for sharing the keynote holographic video.

Prof Debbie Holley & Stephen Pyne.

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