Holographic Keynote BFX

Debbie Holley and I attended the keynote lecture at the BFX festival last week.

Peter Truckel, Pro Debbie Holley, Stephen Pyne

First of all WOW and I mean WOW!

BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz presented the talk ‘Think like an artist’, he delivered an energetic and interesting talk about artists and the methods they use to produce and elevate their creations to international prominence. The content wasn’t what I was expecting from a keynote at the BFX however the theme of special effects and technology innovations really shone though in a very unique way……

The whole presentation was delivered using holographic technologies and Will Gompertz himself was indeed a hologram!!!

Will Gompertz

The keynote was pre-recorded and edited by BU’s Director of VFX; Peter Truckel the hologram itself was produced by carefully placing projectors and mirrors to outwardly reflect a 3D holographic image to the auditorium.  The auditorium was dark, much the same lighting you would expect to find in a cinema. This enabled a clear viewing platform to all attendees which didn’t require the need for extra equipment such as 3D glasses.  Throughout the lecture the audience was treated to a show case of animation in art, 3D imagery and of course insightful and inspiring material.

The whole thing blew me away and I’m very excited at the prospect of adopting this technology in education.


So where do we go next….

Following on from Will’s keynote it would be interesting to see how we can introduce holographic projection into teaching and learning at BU.  With the adaption of our teaching spaces and investment into 3D technologies we could be leading the field in virtual education.

You can find out more about the BFX festival here:


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