UK Data Service launches a new online teaching resource ‘data for non-experts’

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Explore key aspects of survey, aggregate and longitudinal data

The UK Data Service recently launched a new online teaching resource which introduces data to non-experts via easy-to-use interactive Data Skills Modules. These will give those new to research a solid grounding in the key skills they’ll need to make full use of our rich data resources as they embark on their projects.

These introductory level interactive modules are designed for users who want to get to grips with key aspects of survey, longitudinal and aggregate data. Modules can be conducted any time and users are able to dip in and out when needed. They show you how to use the data and give an introduction to key aspects of the data using short instructional videos, interactive quizzes and activities, using open access software where possible. Each module takes about two hours or less.

Launched as beta versions, the Data Skills Modules are aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about using:


  • Survey data
  • Longitudinal data
  • Aggregate data

We hope these modules will be useful and we encourage feedback and suggestions for enhancements and further modules.




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