Short courses – MA Education Practice provision

The new year is full of options! Here are four of them – Come and join us!

These 20-credit bearing units are linked to the MA Education Practice Successful completion of three assessments contributes credits to the second year of the Masters if you already have a PGCert (which is year 1 of the MA).

You can of course take them as individual units based on your interest. Please click the link for ‘course timetable’ and apply now!

Semester 1

  1. Technology Enhanced Learning: Creativity in Design (starts on 17th Oct 2018)
  2. Reflections on Leadership in HE: Developing high quality staff to deliver high quality learning opportunities   (starts on 25th Jan 2019)

Semester 2

  1. Employability/Work-based Learning: Implementing Best Practice  (starts on 5th Feb 2019)
  2. Innovations in Assessment and Feedback     (starts on 15 May 2019)

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