Brightspace: Using page templates to make your content stand out

Did you know that Brightspace has 11 page templates that can help you to make your content look fantastic?

Here is one example.  There is a template that staff working on the unit can use to introduce themselves to their students.

When you open the template, the page looks like this:

All you have to do is replace the text on the page with your own information and add a picture too, if you wish.  You can type directly onto the page or paste in the information.

When you have finished, the page looks like this:

Here’s a link to a short video you can watch to learn how to access the templates in your own Brightspace unit.

One word of caution.  When you add a template to a topic, it replaces any information that is already there so it is a good idea to choose the template before adding content.  You can look through all the templates to see which one is suitable for your content and then fill it in with your information.  If you have created content and when want to change the template, you can copy the text elsewhere first so that you do not lose it.

We have shown one template here and there are 10 more to explore.

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