Blurring the lines between virtual and reality

An EPFL student Hugo Hueber from computer science faculty has developed a virtual reality game that can be used in any environment, allowing for the same level of interaction with virtual 3D objects as with a real table.

While playing this game, you will be able to manipulate objects that you see in the headset – objects that don’t exist, of course, but also objects that do, like a table or chair. You’ll be able to touch and move real-world objects just like their virtual counterparts. And if you look down, you’ll see your fingers; your virtual hands will reproduce even the slightest movement. This kind of unparalleled immersive experience is exactly what Hugo Hueber.

Hueber said, “My goal was to develop a video game that combines the latest technology with the 3D interactive research we’re carrying out at the lab. That will let video gamers interact physically with a virtual environment that can be transferred to any location – a living room, office or even classroom – instantly.”

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