Would you like to participate in the Learning Analytics pilot in semester 1?

What is learning
The ‘digital footprints’ left when students use Brightspace to access content, take quizzes, contribute to discussions and submit assignments can provide staff and students with useful information to support their learning, achievement and retention.  This use of student data in this way is called learning analytics.

In addition to providing detailed information and analysis on a student’s current performance, learning analytics can also be used to make predictions about student outcomes by comparing a learner’s patterns of activity and achievement with those of previous groups of students.  These can help to identify students who may be struggling academically so that staff can intervene to support the student.

What is the purpose of the pilot? The pilot will:

1) pilot two learning analytics modules in Brightspace to test the functionality, accuracy and usefulness of the information provided,

2) understand how students and staff can benefit from the information provided and what interventions between staff and students are valuable, and

3) prepare information, resources and guidance for staff and students ready for a BU-wide rollout.

How big is the pilot? We are seeking 8 – 12 unit leads to participate in the pilot.
Which units are suitable for the pilot? Ideally, units to be included in the pilot will:

1) have run in Brightspace in 17/18 and

2) use a variety of Brightspace tools such as quizzes and discussions.

We are looking for a spread of units representing different faculties, disciplines, levels of study, cohort sizes and format (face-to-face, blended and online).

How will involvement in the pilot affect me and my students? For you as a member of staff, involvement in the pilot is an opportunity to contribute to shaping how learning analytics will be used in BU.  You will gain an early view of this functionality and have a strong influence in establishing an effective mode of operation that all academic staff and students will use in future years.

You will have the full support of colleagues in CEL on a weekly basis throughout the process.

Students will need to be informed that a pilot is taking place and their support requested.  Information for students will be provided and, at the end, students will be asked for feedback on the pilot.

How much time will it take: We estimate that staff will need to allocate between 30 minutes to 2 hours per week throughout the semester plus an additional 2 hours for review and evaluation at the end.  30 minutes per week will be spent with a member of CEL who will support you through the pilot.  The other time will involve you perusing, reviewing and considering the data and how to use it.
When it the pilot? BU is planning to pilot the two learning analytics modules in Brightspace, Insights and the Student Success System, in Semester 1 of 18/19 with a view to wider institutional rollout in 2019.
More information? For more information on the pilot, please email David Biggins.
Would you like to participate? If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the pilot and lead a unit that fits the criteria, please email David Biggins.

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