Coaching spaces!

BU is committed to developing a coaching and mentoring culture. My name is Curie Scott and I work in the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL). I am part of the coaching bank at BU.

I have space to coach two people now or starting in Sept 2018-19

This coaching opportunity is open to postgraduate students, academics and professional services staff. My interests are in personal and professional development through creative reflective practice. Let me know if you are interested here

How does it work?

My role as a coach is to walk alongside, listen attentively and ask you deep questions. I’m experienced with one-to-one and peer coaching groups with academics and professional services staff. I’m part of a Womens’ Education coaching network and and have done life-coaching too. Coaching conversations are shorter term working relationships. They help you stop, be listened to and see what arises in a safe space to work through complexities. Each coaching conversation is different and develops based on your own goals. Typically, we meet for 1-1½ hours each month for 3-6 months. I’m practiced in a variety of reflective and coaching tools for self-awareness and self-development.

How could coaching help?

Coaching facilitates exploratory conversations with goal setting that we review together. The whole process is supportive but can also be challenging as you approach blocks and decide upon new ways of working. Coaching is helpful in navigating personal and professional goals, job or role transitions, career aspirations, and interpersonal relationships. This list is not exhaustive!

Want to chat?

If this intrigues you and you want to know more before committing, drop me a line on

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