CEL starts CMALT

The Certified Membership for the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT) is the industry standard – a Certified Membership scheme developed by ALT to enable those who work with learning technology to have their experience and capabilities certified to demonstrate their commitment to professional development. The CEL Technology Enhanced Learning  Innovation and Development Service (TELID) are taking a team approach to accreditation.

Professor Debbie Holley (pictured right) with some of the TELID team at the workshop

Susan Greig, (Learning Technology Advisor @SusanMGreig) at Edinburgh University, did an inspiring talk about the benefits of team working for CMALT accreditation while building institutional capacity for learning technology at the ALT conference in Liverpool last year. Her session was attended by Debbie Holley, Professor of Learning Innovation at BU, and Susan accepted our invitation to come and run an all day introductory workshop.Team working is a huge part of our  strategic plan, BU2025, and we are looking forward to supporting each other as we take our individual portfolios forward.

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