Google for Education Launches Beta for ‘Create Your Own’ Virtual Reality Experience

Educators and their students can now be part of a beta program to create their own Google Expeditions virtual reality experiences. The opportunity was unveiled this week at Bett, the world’s largest educational technology show here.

Classes enrolled in what Google calls its “pioneer program” will be able to create their own immersive virtual experiences with a 360-degree camera and the Google app.

Many schools around the world already use Google Expeditions on mobile devices in virtual reality viewers to give students virtual field trip experiences, from swimming through coral reefs to exploring Machu Picchu, from visiting Antarctica to soaring with the International Space Station.

Making a virtual reality “world” for the first time has been designed to be easy, said Jennifer Holland, the lead program manager for Expeditions and G Suite for Education. “If you know how to type, you’re good to go.”

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