CEL Awesome bloggers of the month – September 2017 to March 2018

The CEL Awesome Blogger of the Month award is a prestigious award for anyone in social media to receive.  From the many posts each month, the Awards Committee choose the person who has contributed the most to the CEL blog.  This may be because their posts have been the most read, due to the content of  their posts, their innovation in teaching and learning or for sustained posting on the blog.  Not only do the winners receive a certificate, they are also given a spherical chocolatey item that is perfect for sharing with about 19 friends.

Here are the very worthy winners for the first 7 months of the award:

If you would like to be eligible for a CEL Blogger of the Month award in the future and join the pantheon of winners, you just need to write some awesome posts.  The Awards Committee will see to the rest.

If you are at BU, staff or student, and do not already have an account, please email Heidi Singleton.  We welcome posts that are relevant to education and learning.

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