Mind the gap: Exploring students experiences of their transition from school to university

Socio-emotional intelligence within Higher Education is Dr Camila Devis-Rozental’s area of expertise. Within her research she identified that the university environment, its organisation and staff have an impact on the development of students’ SEI. Since transitions are difficult and can affect students’ sense of self, confidence and motivation, this symposium aimed at university staff explores the transition and induction process from the point of view of our current students.

These accounts can help us better understand the expectations and needs of students and therefore instigate positive changes that can have a positive impact on retention, achievement and student experience. This symposium can also be aligned with our current work around kindness, the humanisation of Higher Education and impact on TEF.

The symposium will explore the perceptions of students regarding the transition between school and university. It will include presentations and posters from current students at BU sharing their experiences of the induction process, what worked, what didn’t, how they felt and what areas could be improved based on their lived experience. There will also be workshops exploring this transition and induction from the humanistic perspective and other relevant angles

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Gained a better understanding of students needs throughout the induction process
  • Developed an awareness of the impact that the induction process has on student experience
  • Discussed areas for improvement
  • Reflected on the impact of your role throughout the induction process
Title Date Time Location
Mind the gap: Exploring students experiences of their transition from school to university Friday 25th May 2018 09.30 – 14.00 Lansdowne Campus

To book your place on this workshop please e-mail Organisational Development.

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