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I am just writing to let you know about my new book publication with The University of Westminster Press which will be of particular interest to anyone working in Higher Education and teacher development. Essentially this is a story of teacher development in the context of a language centre in the UK, where a group of teachers undertook a series of workshops in the integration of technology, pedagogy and content in their teaching.

Though this is primarily a story of their pedagogical development it does look at the ways in which they developed and sustained usage of particular technologies such as iPads, VLEs, screen casting software and so on. The essence of the story though is concerned with the teachers’ differing journeys from being novice users of technology to developing personal philosophies of practice that allowed them to better integrate technologies into their teaching.

The book is based on PhD research that I completed between 2010 and 2013, but the guiding philosophies and core principles of teaching with technologies are as relevant now as then. The work is also narrated in a way that is as practical as it is theoretical so as to have appeal to all those with an interest in teacher education rather than simply designed for a purely ‘academic’ readership.

Anyway, there is much more to the book than I can explain in a few paragraphs on a snowy evening when it’s almost too cold to think, so if anyone is interested you can access it free here and have a look –

If you do access it, I hope you enjoy the story and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.


Paul Breen

Dr. Paul Breen

Senior Lecturer in Academic English,

Westminster Professional Language Centre

University of Westminster

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