TEL Volunteers Needed!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a list of 200+ technology enhanced learning tools that I’ve identified that I’d like to test out and see if they could be of any benefit to us in our teaching/provision of support. Some of these you may already be using, so it wouldn’t take much of your time–others, we need to play around with and see if we can find any use for them anywhere on the campus!

I’m putting together a group of dedicated volunteers who would be interested in testing these tools across all faculties and services (you don’t need to be an academic to participate!!). This is an open-ended project, so whatever time you can give would be much appreciated! (It’s also something extra you can add on your SAP if you’re planning on pay progression or promotion this summer!!)

Please e-mail me with your name and department to register your interest and I’ll be in touch to set up a meeting in the coming weeks to get us started! Please also give me an indication of how much time you will have to dedicate, 30 mins a week- a few hours (I wish!!) will suffice!

Hope I’ll hear from you soon!

Ann (TEL Theme Leader)

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  1. Lucy Stainer's avatar Lucy Stainer

    Hi Ann,

    Happy to be a volunteer to test out tools and can offer 30 mins per week.

    With thanks,


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