Invitation to our National Teaching Fellow Regional Writing Event: BU Monday 5th March 9.30-1.00

National Teaching Fellow Regional Writing Event:

Following on from our NTF Regional event last year Bournemouth University is hosting this event, Monday 5th March 9.30-1.00

Supported by National Teaching Fellows Professor Debbie Holley, Bournemouth University; Professor Stephen Tee, Bournemouth University; Dr Jenny Hill, University of the West of England and Dr Kirsten Hardie, Arts University Bournemouth

To book email:

For BU Staff:

We only have two NTFs at BU! We want more…

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) scheme, organised and run by the Higher Education Academy, celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in Higher Education. In 2018, the scheme is open to members of staff from all providers of Higher Education across the four nations of the UK. Institutions can nominate up to three individuals per annum.

The award has been running since 2000 and there are now more than 815 National Teaching Fellows, with up to 55 individuals receiving the award each year. On gaining the award, fellows play an ongoing role in enhancing teaching and learning within their institution, the HE sector and further afield.
The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme is now open, and closes at the end of April. The national application form and draft statements are available here.

BU staff interested in applying MUST attend this workshop, and be prepared to send through a full draft for review.

Bournemouth University draft applications should be sent to Dr Sue Eccles by Friday 16 March 2018. 1:1 support will be arranged with the final three applicants.
National Teaching Fellow Regional Writing Event

Please note this is NOT the HEA formal regional briefing day, this is a practical session to develop actual applications.

University Learning and Teaching Fellows are especially welcome to attend.

Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.

about the morning:

By the end of the session, participants will:
• Be familiar with the national process and judging criteria
• Drawn upon the experiences of existing NTFs in preparing the application form
• Be confident in selecting their referees
• Undertaken some guided writing exercises to inform their own narratives

National Teaching Fellows: Celebrating outstanding individual impact

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