HE Policy Briefing

Have you been keeping up with all the policy changes that are affecting higher education?  Do you know your TEF from your KEF?  How will these changes impact your practice at BU – and what can you do now to prepare for them? Whether you are a member of academic staff or a member of professional services and support staff, these policy briefings will bring you right up to date.  In addition, this is your opportunity to inform BU’s position on political developments affecting the sector.

By the end of this briefing participants will:

  • Be aware of the latest policy developments in the HE sector, including the new regulatory framework and how they will affect BU, our staff and our students
  • Understand developments in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and subject level TEF, and what you need to do to prepare

Monday 5th February Lansdowne 12.00-1.00

Tuesday 20th March Talbot 14.00-15.00

E-mail Organisational Development to book your place: OD@bournemouth.ac.uk

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