‘Elevator pitch’ event to enrich student experiences

Nasiru Taura and Thanh Huynh recently organised a successful ‘elevator pitch’ event to enrich student experiences at BU, by enabling them to showcase their start-up projects as part of their Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures (EBV).

The event featured four industry experts (including entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners) as panelists. More than 70 people attended and participated in the event. Groups of students delivered industry standard elevator pitches and received feedback from industry experts and entrepreneurs.  The students also displayed posters during the networking and coffee break. Awards were awarded to the students for

  1. Best poster and
  2. Best elevator pitch.

The event was held at FUSION building Inspire LT between 11:00-14:00.

If you wish to read more about this event, please contact Nasiru and Thanh. The organizers also thank Mark Painter, Jackie Timms, Mark Ridolfo, and David Jones for supporting and making the event possible.


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