Library and Learning Support Induction – VIDEO GUIDE

Library and Learning Support have developed Induction video guide  that links to content in Library, Study Skills and Language Learning areas in both myBU and Brightspace.  This has been used to augment face-to-face inductions and as a great aide memoir for students, which can be neatly embedded within reading lists and unit materials.  This forms part of some important collaborative work that LLS have been engaged in with colleagues across the faculties to enhance the student induction experience.  It is particularly useful for Programme Leaders and Academic Advisors in your faculties to support Level 4 and Level 7 students.

Now  that students have been at BU for a few weeks this Library and Learning Support Induction video guide will help them to:

  • To prepare themselves for their first written assignments
  • To build on existing knowledge from Arrivals Week
  • If they have missed their Library & Learning Support Induction

This handy guide has lots of bite-sized videos covering all the key areas to help students to get started with their academic work e.g.

  • Finding a book
  • Searching for a journal article
  • Accessing resources from off-campus
  • How to reference
  • Booking onto a Study Skills Workshop
  • Signing-up for Language Support
  • Finding a good space to study

Any questions?  Contact Library and Learning Support  here or get in touch with your Faculty Library Team.

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