Brightspace Training Milestone

Brightspace Training Milestone

Last week a milestone was reached with the completion of the 100th Brightspace session, 75 training sessions and 25 drop in sessions. This equates to over 400 hours of training and support that has been available to the BU community since May. All of this training and support has been provided by a relatively small group of people incorporating the ALDs in CEL, the Learning Technologists and the IT Skills team.

Brightspace Staff training and support

The Learning Technologists, IT Skills team and CEL have developed a wide range of resources that staff can use.

a. If you would like to learn how to use Brightspace, please use the online training unit that uses Brightspace to teach you about Brightspace. Once you are logged into Brightspace, you can search for the online training course and begin your journey. You can also use the online training course as a refresher or to learn new skills.

b. From the Help menu in Brightspace, you can click on Brightspace Staff Resources. This areas contains a wealth of information on using Brightspace, managing assessment and feedback and provides links to other useful sources of information.

c. These resources provide a high quality and thorough introduction to Brightspace. If there are additional areas that you want to explore in Brightspace or specific queries, the Learning Technologists, IT Skills and CEL are running regular drop-in sessions at both campuses where you can attend in person or online for further help. A list of the drop-in session dates, times and places is available here:

d. Log a job with the Service Desk online or by phone. This will be directed to us and we will respond to you as quickly as we can

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