TBL 101 – The Introduction to Team-based Learning with Simon Tweddell

TBL 101 – The Introduction to Team-based Learning with Simon Tweddell, Senior Lecturer, University of Bradford

1-3pm on Wednesday 11th October 2017, Lansdowne campus (S218)

Lectures (teacher-centred) have been criticised as promoting passivity, poor knowledge retention and potentially even (!) boredom in students. As an alternative, student-centred approaches have been advocated where the teacher is seen as a facilitator of learning who provides the right type of experience through which the learner may acquire knowledge and understanding; such an approach is Team-based Learning (TBL).

This session is for any academic who wishes to be introduced to an active learning strategy that promotes academic success through both independent learning and team-learning. In the context of ever larger class sizes, TBL allows the facilitation of small-group working even in the large group setting (for example, a full lecture theatre) and has been successfully utilised internationally across many undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including in the adult nursing programme at BU.

An example of Team-based Learning in action (The DeBakey Educational Center, Tulane University)

Join us for the introduction to Team-based Learning (TBL) led by TBL Consultant-Trainer, Simon Tweddell who is possibly the foremost TBL expert in the UK. TBL is an evidence based collaborative learning & teaching strategy based on a three-step cycle: preparation (students are expected to learn the knowledge content before class, no lectures), in-class readiness assurance testing (to incentivise students to acquire the knowledge), and application-focused exercises (where students apply their knowledge in exercises based on real-world problems). In TBL 101 you will experience a TBL session for yourself and be invited to consider how you might use it to engage students and enhance their learning.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  1. Describe what team-based leaning is
  2. Explain how and why team-based learning works
  3. Explain the key components of a successful TBL module
  4. Discuss the benefits of using team-based learning
  5. Illustrate how to transform a small group into a productive learning team

Please book through Organisational Development. If you have any questions at all in relation to this please don’t hesitate to contact me (jbranney@bournemouth.ac.uk).

Hope to see you there!

Jonny Branney

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