Welcome to PGCert 2017-18 students

We welcomed our 2017-18 cohort of PGCert students this month.

The PGCert enables those teaching and supporting learning in a post-compulsory education environment to develop their knowledge and skills as educators. CEL are thrilled to have, for the first time, two concurrent groups which is testimony to the commitment of a 100% of our academic staff having a teaching qualification and/or who are HEA Fellows.

Rebecca Hindley, who has just completed the 2016-17 programme and was one of the student representatives asked the group, via Mentimeter, how they were feeling.

This produces a word-cloud and similarly, the PGCert are also excited! We have 63 new students with six continuing from previous years. There was such a buzz in the room and during the day, as well as fascinating stories and contributions from key speakers using a variety of processes such as Mentimeter, Socrative, drawing, collage, Catchbox, Panopto.

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