Free online 4 week Open, Flexible and Social Learning Course

Colleagues, an invitation form the wonderful Chrissi Nerantzi (ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2017) to join her four week course – see below for full details.



Dear friends,

We would like to bring to your attention a new iteration of the open course Flexible, Open and Social Learning or short FOS. Over four weeks in October 17 we will be exploring the following pedagogical topics together with a small group of distributed facilitators:

*         Week 1: Digital literacy and identity

*         Week 2: Flexible pedagogies

*         Week 3: Open education

*         Week 4: Social learning

So far, a group of academics from Manchester Metropolitan University studying towards their PgCert or the MA in Higher Education as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students from the social enterprise MetMunch, further colleagues from the University of Salford and postgraduate students from the University of Macedonia have expressed an interest in  participating.

We would love to work with further groups and individuals. Could this be you?

If you teach on a PgCert or an MA and would like to join with your current cohort, please get in touch with us. Individual academics from any institution and any part of the world are also very very welcome. Equally any student and any member of the public are very welcome to join us to. It is this diversity that will make a difference to the experience.  You may find this course useful to complement other studies or as informal CPD.

Please add the following dates to your calendar and join the FOS community at to get ready for the FOS action and interaction ;).

ps: FOS course site
pps: We will be using the hashtag #FOS172 for the October 17 iteration.

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