Special issue calls for Education Related Papers

Dear colleagues, I thought you might be interested in any of the following special issue calls for paper:

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education: 

‘The aim of this special issue is to publish high-quality research papers as well as review articles reporting recent empirical advances on the application of computer games technology in different areas for the purposes of learning and training. Original, high quality contributions that are not yet published or that are not currently under review by other journals or peer-reviewed conferences are sought….’ Manuscripts must be submitted by 9th February 2018. You can access more details here!

Innovation in Educational Technology and Learning Analytics – Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Innovation Science:

‘Over the past decade numerous advances in educational technology and learning analytics have increased the ability of the members of the educational ecosystem to increase student learning and minimize cost. This special issue focuses on innovations and advances in knowledge that will further enhance the productivity of these technologies including, but not limited to, adaptive learning, predictive analytics, digital (summative and formative) assessment, recommender systems, collaboration tools, etc…’ Final date for submission of an Intent-to-Publish Request is November 15, 2017. You can access more details here!

Special issue call for papers from Education + Training

‘This special aims to give voice to the silenced, sharpening critical validating spaces, on the power of Adult Education to open up real opportunity to expose the vital transformative engine of further education in addressing inequality and barriers in learners’ lives, their families and their diverse communities. A key aim will be to explore how the concept of transformation can be engaged and utilised in the development of adult education…’ Submission deadline is 5th March 2018. You can access more details here!

Special issue for Cognition and Instruction

‘This special issue will present current research and inspire new work within an emerging genre of learning and teaching called “learning on-the-move”. The collection of papers will showcase a coalescing network of researchers and designers studying how corporeal mobility, mobile technologies, mapping tools, and/or smart and connected communities are constitutive of learning and teaching processes and support new types of learning designs…’ Deadline for submission of abstract is November 1, 2017. You can access more details here!

Special issue call for papers from the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management

‘This special issue of the JHEPM, will focus on the international engagement of higher education institutions, particularly universities, during a period of global uncertainty. The issue seeks to explore the agency that institutions and the individuals within them are exerting as they engage internationally, given current and likely future disruptions within the global geo-political, economic and social spheres…’ Deadline for submission of abstract (up to 500 words) is 15 December 2017. More details can be accessed here!

Special issue on Educational Assessment

‘This special issue of Educational Assessment is intended to point the way toward improvement by shining a light on exceptional validation work and providing critical insight on feasible models for the field. The special issue also will serve to introduce a new, regular section in Educational Assessment on assessment validation, which will publish comprehensive, peer-reviewed validation efforts that reflect the standards of the field…’  Manuscripts are to be submitted by ​February 28, 2018. More details can be accessed here!

Special issue on Higher Education, Social Inequalities and Aspiration. 

‘This Special Issue will represent new leading international sociological work on the nature of social inequalities and constructions of aspiration in and through higher education in a global context…’ International Studies in Sociology of Education invite authors to discuss proposed papers with the guest editors by submitting a 250 word abstract by November 14, 2017. More details can be accessed here!

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