Pomodoro Technique® – and why didn’t I know about this?

As a life-long “multi-tasker” how horrified am I by the more recent research that keeps telling us that multi-tasking doesn’t work and how I will be more effective by focusing on one thing at a time. We achieve more, reach our goals and feel better by taking regular breaks.  Discussing this with a wonderful ( and highly productive) colleague today I was introduced to the” Pomodoro Technique” devised by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s.


The infographic  link above explains further and loving anything with a toy – a tomato shaped timer is just so appealing – I am going to give it a go and will give a future update on my progress. I am hoping that adopting the “Pomodoro Technique” will re-train me to focus, become more productive and be more aware of the time-wasting activities that creep up and stop me from doing the value adding things I really want to do.  And the great thing is I could set the timer and pop a pizza in the oven at the same time – oops I have slipped back into multi-tasking already.

This is I will admit is a pretty low-tech tool to be posting as a CEL blog (sorry..) and am sure many will be using technology to create high impact work intervals and breaks etc.  There is even “an app for that” as I understand you can download a Pomodoro app. However, if anyone would like to evaluate the old style tomato shaped timer with me – let me know quickly and I will send you a tomato timer as gift, as it’s  even more fun when you collaborate.

So let me know if you would like to join in this endeavour to create more value adding time, become more productive and break the habit of multi-tasking.

Susanne Clarke, Head of Service Excellence

8 Responses to “Pomodoro Technique® – and why didn’t I know about this?”

  1. Wendy Drake's avatar Wendy Drake

    Count me in Susanne, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment 🙂

    • Susanne CLARKE's avatar Susanne CLARKE

      Thanks Wendy and your speedy repsonse gets you a pomodoro
      I have two more to give away for any other collaborators

      Keep me updated on your progress towards all the things the pomodoro promises
      Best wishes

      • Lois Farquharson's avatar Lois Farquharson

        Am I too late to join the Pomodoro Party?! As a new DDE&PP (or ‘Deputy Dead Education’ in recent meeting notes, Freudian slip?!!), I am finding that there are so many things going on around me at so many different levels – it’s really interesting and exciting, but also a challenge to manage my time effectively across various activities. Multi-tasking all the time can end up confusing the old grey cells, so I’m up for a new challenge with this technique to see if it supports added focus and productivity. Bring on the Pomodoro!

        • Susanne clarke's avatar Susanne clarke

          Ha ha – Luckily, ( before rumours of your demise start)I still have a pomodoro left and will send it off to you soon. And keep me posted on progress

          The pressure is on for those little plastic tomatos

  2. juliette hecquet's avatar juliette hecquet

    I am a devoted multi-tasker so will also be reading this with interest and keen to try

  3. Susanne CLARKE's avatar Susanne CLARKE

    thank you Juliette- a pomodoro will be making its way to you soon and do keep me updated on how it goes for you

    Best wishes

  4. Laura Roper's avatar Laura Roper

    With the AACSB Accreditation the next year will definitely be dedicated to multi tasking for me! Any new approaches that can help manage my time are definitely most welcome!

  5. Susanne clarke's avatar Susanne clarke

    Tomato on its way to you Laura. Not a sentence I ever expected to write
    Thanks Laura


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