The Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Pedagogic Development – now published

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The Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Pedagogic Development is now published. Please visit:

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Vol 7, Issue 2 July 2017

Table of Contents


A Critical Approach to Global Citizenship in Initial Teacher Training in the UK

Anthony Stockford, James Shea



Global Universities in Local Contexts: Fostering Critical Self-reflection and Citizenship at Branch Campuses

Sara M. C. Felix, Ariane Smart



Education for Citizenship: Measuring the Impact on Learners of the Community-Based Learning Program in Palestine

Abdel Karim Daragmeh, Emad Basheer Dawwas



Sharedthinking: A Social Identity Approach to Critical Thinking

Nicholas Bowskill



Global Citizenship and Critical Thinking in Higher Education Curricula and Police Education: A Socially Critical Vocational Perspective

Sam Peach, Ray Clare



A Diachronic Analysis of the Cultural Aspect of Local English Coursebooks

Mahdi Dahmardeh, Abbas Parsazadeh, Hossein Parsazadeh



Developing a Cross-Age Teaching Programs: The Benefits to the Student ‘Teachers’

Carmen S. Dixon




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