Widening Participation: Guidance for Admissions

The Fair Access Research project (FAR) has developed some guidance to support admissions staff as they consider applications from widening participation (WP) students.

The results of a FAR staff survey in 2016 highlighted the key role that the admissions team and faculty admissions staff have to reduce barriers to successful applications for students from a WP background and to empower those students to consider applying to HE.  The FAR team worked with BU colleagues to develop this Guidance Document which has been produced to support the admissions staff in the implementation of  good practice.

The document is now being disseminated and embedded within Admissions and the Faculties for their general use

Widening Participation: Guidance for Admissions

For more information about BU’s innovative Fair Access Research, email the Principal Investigators Dr Vanessa Heaslip and Dr Clive Hunt.



Part of the ‘Admissions’ theme. One of five themes in the Fair Access Research project

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