Questionnaire on the use of the Fusion Building for teaching and learning

The Fusion Building has been in use for almost a year.  We would like to ask you a few questions about your use of the building in teaching and learning.

Please use this questionnaire to tell us about your experiences.

Other than your department, all questions are optional.  You can but you do not need to give your name.

We are seeking to make the best use of the new building and your feedback is very much appreciated.

The questionnaire will only take a few moments to complete.

The survey is open until 18 August 2017.

Many thanks!

One Response to “Questionnaire on the use of the Fusion Building for teaching and learning”

  1. Roger Fox's avatar Roger Fox

    I have been lecturing at BU for 25 years. This is a really lovely building to work in. The acoustics are brilliant in the theatres and the seminar rooms and also the sound from the ground floor open area just seems to disappear. Best thing is, I see colleagues and students in the glass fronted seminar rooms and wave at them, it makes people smile


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