Kindness – Warning may cause side effects.


According to our research these could include:-

  • Kindness makes you feel happier;
  • Kindness gives us healthier hearts;
  • Kindness slows aging;
  • Kindness makes for better relationships;
  • And it’s contagious.

We are going to be talking a lot more about kindness and a networking event next week provides a great opportunity for all us who have an interest in any aspect of kindness to get together and participate in the conversation. The event is open to all staff and we hope that for professional service staff as well as academics it will provide a useful forum to discuss future projects.

The key aim will be creating impact for self and others – with opportunities to explore Fusion and kindness and to start a BU conversation around kindness.

Please take a look at our event details and contact or Susanne Clarke direct on 66101 to book your place.

Co-facilitators: Dr Geli Roushan, Dr Lois Farquharson, Dr Lee-Ann Fenge, Max Schultz, Rachel Clarke.

More Info:

Building on the case for kindness presented at the Service Excellence Conference we would like to invite you to participate in a networking event which is open to all staff and seeks to build momentum for BU2025. We warmly welcome professional services staff and academics to become involved by attending this event and be part of inspirational fusion community.

The aims are to create space where we can share interests in kindness through joint activities and explore potential collaborative projects. This will include Research, Professional Practice and Teaching. We will be looking at areas such as self-kindness and organisational resilience, and will be building in activities from this and past service excellence conferences and as well as current research in key themes around kindness at BU.

Aims and Objectives:

To build on the aims of BU2025 and to develop the behaviours and attributes of kindness which we will seek to embed in BU2025

Title Date Time Location Status
Kindness Matters Wednesday 7th June 2017 10:00 – 15:00 Talbot Campus Places Available


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  1. Susanne Clarke's avatar Susanne Clarke

    Hi Sara – We are hoping to kick start more regular events and I will be sure to provide details on the CEL Blog – Best wishes Susanne


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